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Can Your IQ Be Changed?

Changing Your IQ At Any Age!

It’s a question that has been debated for decades, but a growing body of research is showing that IQ is not set in stone, that it can indeed be strengthened and improved.

Between 2010 and 2015, LearningRx provided brain training to nearly 18,000 kids and adults. LearningRx measured the cognitive performance of each of these clients—including their IQ—before and after brain training.

What we discovered is that, overall, the greatest gains experienced by these 18,000 children and adults were in IQ, with IQ scores increasing an average of 14.9 standard points (or an average of 26 percentile points) after brain training.

IQ is determined by the strength of our cognitive skills

Cognitive skills are the foundational skills the brain uses to think and learn. They include: long- and short-term memory, visual processing, auditory processing, attention, logic & reasoning, overall processing speed, and more. These are also the skills that make up our IQ.

In the following chart showing the before-and-after test results of the 18,000 LearningRx clients, you can see that these children and adults saw improvements (often life changing improvements!) in all areas of cognitive performance:

(The above scores are shown in percentiles, which show where someone ranks in a group of 100 of their peers.)

All in all, these LearningRx clients experienced often dramatic improvements in IQ and mental performance. Best yet, post-testing a year after brain training was completed has shown that brain training improvements are lasting.

Would improvements in cognitive performance benefit you or someone you love?

Weak cognitive skills are the cause of most learning struggles. But weak cognitive skills impact more than academics: they also impact memory, attention, and mental performance in every area of life. The good news is that LearningRx strengthens weak cognitive skills. When those skills are targeted and strengthened, our clients experience life changing results both in school and everyday life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with focus, attention, memory, processing speed, writing, math, reading, comprehension, anxiety, or has a diagnosis like ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autism, LD, Auditory Processing Disorders, or Traumatic Brain Injury, you need to give me a call. It is time to find out why and CHANGE it!

Email me or give me a call at 317-845-1999. It would be a pleasure to speak with you.

Heather Koenig, Director

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