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Get to the Root of Learning Struggles

Are you concerned about your child’s educational path? Are you tired of watching your child struggle with learning tasks, such as reading, studying, retaining and testing? Have you ever considered having your child’s cognitive skills tested?

Get A Cognitive Skills Assessment for Your Student

Did you know strong cognitive skills make learning possible? They are critical to learning success and are at the core of how our brain learns and performs. Most learning struggles are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills.

Indy LearningRx’s Cognitive Skills Assessment provides invaluable insights regarding how your child learns, why he or she is struggling and defines the steps you can take to see dramatic improvement.

Just like there are different learning styles and techniques, each person’s cognitive profile is different. Moreover, even children and adults with above average IQs can struggle with a single cognitive skill that is weaker than the rest.

Our Cognitive Skills Assessment identifies specific weak cognitive skills and through one-on- one training we target and train those skills utilizing fun and intense mental exercises. Most programs last between 12-32 weeks and you are able to see measurable results along the way.

Don’t struggle alone.

Why not get the ball rolling for your child and get answers this week? Let’s chat!

---Heather Koenig

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