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Get to Know the Indianapolis LearningRx Location

Photo credit Townepost network. Indianapolis LearningRx location.

Hi I’m Heather. I’m a mom and an educator at heart, and I’m passionate about unlocking the full learning potential of every Learning Rx Indy client through intensive one-on-one brain training. I first learned about Learning Rx when my family utilized its services four years ago to help our daughter improve her cognitive skills in order to be more successful in her studies. I had hated watching her struggle and get frustrated when learning didn’t come easy for her. I searched high and low for a way my husband and I could help her. Luckily I found Learning Rx, and they were able to help us identify the root cause of her struggle with learning! While watching her go through the program and seeing firsthand how successful the results were, I became an instant super fan of the Learning Rx model. After her completion of the program, I stayed involved at the Indy location and remained close with the owner.

Two years ago I was blessed with an opportunity to purchase the Indianapolis franchise and continue the mission of helping individuals experience the benefits of stronger cognitive performance through specialized one-on-one brain training.

One-on-one brain training at LearningRx Indianapolis

At our Central Indiana location you will find a family of concerned and passionate educators and professionals who want to help children and adults learn and perform faster, better, and more easily. Our personal brain trainers, do intense (but fun) mental exercises and drills that improve cognitive skills, such as reading, learning, remembering, reasoning and paying attention. Our students come from all over Central Indiana, and we even help those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, autism, PDD, ODD, Asperger's, and TBI.

We are so very proud of the positive contribution we are making to community and the lives of our students and their families. Often our clients share with us that our programs and services are life changing for them.

Want to learn more about one-on-one brain training with the Indianapolis Learning Rx location? Shoot me an email - heatherk(at)learningrx(dot)net- or give me a call (317-845-1999) and let’s chat.


Center owner, Heather Koenig

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