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So, the reason I came to LearningRx is because I had just crapped out my first semester at college, and when I say crapped out, I mean really crapped out. I ended the semester with a 1.13 GPA.  So, obviously, being the astute observer that I am, I saw something had to change.  My mom had heard rumblings about LearningRx from and old friend from church whose son went there, and she set me up an appointment.  The stuff I already knew I struggled with was focusing, attention to detail, math, and sustained attention.  LearningRx seemed pretty braggy about eating those problems for breakfast. 

I had, of course, used ADHD medication all through high school, but I did not like the way it affected my mood and outlook.  So, I didn't take if for most of the first semester of college.  This made life at college pretty great, that is, f you completely neglect to look at the academic part of it.  I had a hard time studying, and when I did, it was quite ineffective.  I would sit for hours and get about 30 minutes of critical work done.  But now, after the brain training, and even during my training, I am a lot quicker about getting my work done and moving to the next finishing assignments before driving two hours to Indy for LearningRx.  My intentionality this past semester was somewhat forced due to travel time, but I know when I was studying it was focused and efficient.  

As I was approaching my study spot for the day, I found myself creating a plan of action, putting it on my mental board like a mental checklist, and when i got to my desk, I would sit down and simply execute my plan.  Thanks LearningRx!  I also noticed changes in my self-esteem going into tests.  My first semester test/exam results put me pretty far down in the dumps, and I found myself walking in thing I was gonna blow the test.  Now, I find myself expecting to be above the water and not even worrying about all the old stuff I used to worry about.  Through all the changes, I became increasingly interested in making myself extra efficient in everything I did.  I wrote a slogan on all my phone case to remind myself that whatever I was doing on my phone, I had to "be effective". Before LearningRx, my phone had been a big time waster.  I also started researching efficient desk ideas and actually decided to design and build a new desk for myself in hopes of being a good steward of my time.  Due to my increase in reading comprehension, I actually enjoy reading books and do it a lot now.  That's a pretty big change from a guy who hated reading with a passion before.


My message to other big kids who are thinking about LearningRx would be that no matter what your other options are, LearningRx is going to help you and change you.  For me, it did all the things I just gushed over up there, but it also introduced me to my trainer whome I love dearly and owe a lot of my success to.  It also introduced me to a spiritual mentor for the semester (remember that old church friend I mentioned. He made sure I wasn't losing myself in academics and kept me focused on the straight and narrow).  I also met a plethora of other great people along the way.  LearningRx, though it may feel like a hassle and the drive there may be long, the people and the process make it both a highly enjoyable experience as well as a mental salvation for any struggles you are going through. 

-- Jack W, College Student at Purdue




      Thinking back to the beginning of this chapter in our lives, how it started with something so small... an advertisement at our homeschool group, Wisdom Builders, for a cognitive assessment at a company we knew nothing about.   An assessment made possible due to a grant. Seeing how Thomas has changed over the six months has been nothing short of amazing!

      We came to Learning RX because Thomas was having a hard time with school.  After the first assessment, we already knew of issues he was having but were unaware of how much of his history with ear infections still affected his reading, spelling, and comprehension.  During his training, Thomas' ability to concentrate while multi-tasking was amazing.  His reading improved as well as his comprehension; it was no longer so choppy.  He now reads instructions and can follow through the steps without getting frustrated.  We are looking forward to middle school to see his progress.



Tiara was struggling in math and reading when we started our Learning RX journey.  We were impressed about the research behind Learning RX and how they help students to be effective in their cognitive skills instead of "tutoring."  We immediately noticed Tiara's ability to focus and her concentration had drastically improved.  When given  a task at home, instead of getting frustrated and making excuses, Tiara did her task and finished it.  She also exhibits more confidence in reading.  Her entire attitude towards learning has changed.  Tiara works independently now. Her Title One (math and reading) teacher said she improved 55% since the beginning of the year assessment.  

                                                                                            Thank you Learning RX,




Five years of searching for solutions to our son Grant's learning challenges brought us to Learning Rx.  We knew he struggled with reading, spelling, memory and processing speed, but didn't know what to do about it.  Various curricula and teaching aids weren't making any impact, and he didn't have a disorder or diagnosis that could point us towards a game plan.  As a homeschool mom, I carried a heavy burden of guilt and fear as I watched him slip further and further behind.  Grant is an atypical struggling learner when it comes to his demeanor.  He was always cheerful and eager to learn, but we would have awkward moments in our schooling when we couldn't work through roadblocks.


Grant completed four months of vision therapy before beginning his six months of Learning Rx.  This was to resolve a weak focusing system and eye-teaming issue, both of which had not been detected through his annual eye exams.  With that resolved, we were ready to dive into the partner option at Learning Rx.  There was a period of adjustment, as we became accustomed to the expectations, materials and time commitment.  But as Grant began to level up, a tiny seed of hope began to grow.  Grant and I were greatly encouraged by his progress, and that kept us going as we tackled the work every week.


My husband and I have seen several signs of improvement over the past six months.  Grant's reading fluency has improved greatly, which has been huge.  He recalls his math facts more easily, processes directions more quickly, and has become more independent in his work.  Not only is he more capable of doing his work on his own, he wants to do his work on his own.  We can tell he likes the satisfaction of completing assignments without assistance.  Instead of being the kid who seemed to be living in a bit of a "fog," he seems to be more aware of his surroundings and receives information in a more logical way.  His homeschool co-op teacher has told us that he leads the class in reading comprehension, his grandfather has noted that Grant's bb-gun shooting is faster :), and his friends were impressed when he memorized our U.S Presidents backwards and forwards.    These are just a few of many little milestones that have told us that LearningRx has helped our son.


I have already and will continue to recommend LearningRx to fellow parents of struggling learners.  Not only did the staff help Grant accomplish things we weren't sure were possible, they also taught me to raise my expectations of him so I can positively prod him to go after his goals (instead of shielding him from possible failure).  Their confidence in him was a tremendous blessing to both of us. 


We also greatly appreciated the LearningRx staff's respect for us as Grant's parents.  They truly partnered with us and empowered us to better educate Grant, instead of pushing us aside.  We had a negative experience at another educational support center who tried to tell us that they knew more about Grant after 3 hours with him than we knew about him after raising him for 10 years.  That was not an acceptable arrangement for us, so we were so thankful to find LearningRx-- an effective program (with the scientific data to prove it) that teams up with parents to help students unlock their God-given potential. 



Our daugher, LilyAnn, had been struggling in school for almost 2 years before the school agreed to test her for learning disabilities.  Unfortunately, She didn't qualify to get the extra help she needed.  The testing showed that LilyAnn had short term memory and attention issues.  The social worker suggested we take the findings to our pediatrician.  Our pediatrician put her on Ritalin.

From the beginning of third grade, we started to notice a difference with her school work but didn't like the side effects of Ritalin.  LilyAnn had lost weight and almost always had a stomachache.  We tried other medicines but all the side effects were the same.  The only positive was that she was able to pay attention in class and went from being one of the lowest readers to slightly above the lowest readers. 

We had enough of the fighting to get LilyAnn to take her medicine, the stomachaches, and the lows of the medicine.  SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE!!!  That is when we found out about LEARNINGRX.  

After being tested at LearningRx, LilyAnn qualified for help in their 6 month ReadRx program.  We quickly made the decision to enroll her and started her brain training at the beginning of the summer.  We also took her OFF all her ADHD MEDICINE.  

By the time school came around in August, LilyAnn was ready to try school WITHOUT MEDICINE!!  We were nervous at first and cautioned her teachers.  All of the worry and caution was for nothing.  LilyAnn did well in school and we didn't hear anything alarming from her teachers.  We didn't hear, "LilyAnn is daydreaming in my class." NOTHING!  It was amazing!

By the end of her brain training, she had gained more self-confidence and more self-control.  She is calmer, more acceptiong of things and even willing to try new things.  In school, her grades have increased, her reading fluency is ten times better, and she is starting to be able to read with speed.  Her spelling tests went from D's and F's to A's and B's.  She can quickly work through math problems that would have made her melt down before.  She can even pay attention to her homework after 7 hours of school and 1.5 hours of brain training at LearningRx.  Last quarter was the first time she has had almost all A's on her report card!!!  YAHOOOOO!!  We are amazed at LilyAnn's progress with the help of LearningRx!

                                                                       -Rob ad Stephanie Broere


Prior to enrolling with LearningRx, math was a challenge mentally and physically for Kristin (and us).  Homework would take at least an hour, often without Kristin ever having a clear understanding of the material.  We spent many evenings re-teaching and reviewing the math processes trying to help her retain the information.  Her confidence and frustration continued to increase throughout the past school year.  We tried daily practice, flash cards, and drilling the concepts until we were all exhausted only to see very little improvement.  

After hearing about LearningRx and researching their approach, we decided to give the testing a try and decide how to proceed based on the results.  The results gave us a true picture of how our daughter's brain processes informtaiton.  After talking with others currently in the program, we decided to take a leap of faith. 

LearningRx has given Kristin the skills she needed to confidently approach math and perservere when new material is challenging.  We may occasionally spend an hour on math, but Kristen is now able to understand and apply her new skills much quicker.  She is now confident that she can handle high school math and beyond.  She openly shares her life changing expeirence with others.

LearningRx was a sacrifice of time and money but Kristen is a testament that it is well worth the investment in her future.  We would do it again.

-The Marshall Family


LEARNINGRX has been one of the best things I have put myself through.  I came to LearningRx due to the fact that I was struggling in most of my classes.  I've always struggled throughout school, but my parents and I never did anything about it until now in college.  To be honest, we never knew something like this existed.  My main struggle was my memory and test anxiety.  Before completing the program at LearningRx, I would get extremely bad test anxiety and had really low self esteem when it came to test taking.  I never gave myself enough credit for what I actually knew.  This obviously kept me from getting the grades I wanted on tests and in the class.  

LearningRx was really the first thing I tried with the problems I struggled with.  The only thing I really tried before was math tutoring.  That didn't help me where I needed it the most, my test anxiety and memory.  Graduating high school was a wonderful feeling but graduating from college will be even better knowing I worked really hard and it paid off.  When I graduated high school, I thought I wanted to be a nurse not knowing how hard it really was going to be.  So, I went and got my Medical Assisting degree.  I struggled with memorization and I stopped the process of becoming a nurse.  At that point, I switched my major to Elementary Education.  I still have to work harder than most people to get the grades I want, but it's so much easier in many ways now.  I have been doing so much better in all my classes and have so much more confidence in myself when I'm taking tests.  It's actually paying off and I'm super proud of myself!!  Now that I've finished LearningRx, I'm retaking a math class that I didn't pass last semester and I am PASSING IT WITH AN "A" this time!!! I couldn't be more proud of myself!!

Many people probably think that stuff like LearningRx programs aren't going to work or it is not for them.  Honestly, I thought the same thing.  But, it's helped me so much that school is becoming more relaxing and easier because of the strategies I've learned.  I'm really glad my parents helped me put myself through this program.  I encourage any child/student of any age that is struggling with your memory, test anxiety, or school work in general to try these programs at LearningRx.  Trust me, it is worth your time and money!

                                                                                                     --Ashley G.


So, you ask, "What brought us to LEARNINGRX?"  



Alex is our miracle child; born on our sixth wedding anniversary.  He learned to walk, speak his first words, and count (in English and Spanish) right on schedule. 

But, Alex did not speak his first complete sentence until he was 5 years old.  His diagnosis at 3 years of age was "autistic characteristics." At age 7, his diagnosis was PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified).  His processing speed was extremely slow.  When he worked on homework, each questions would take 2 or 3 minutes and sometimes longer.  

In early grade school, we worked on homework until 7, 8, or 9 at night even though his teacher only asked him to do half of the assignment.  Even then, homework was often left incomplete.  He was very good in spelling and grammar, but his reading comprehension was nonexistent, and even in the 3rd-6th grades, adding single digits was still a challenge.  He still did not know his multiplication tables in 6th grade, even though he went through 3rd grade twice. Reading comprehension continued to be poor in the 6th grade.  He struggled to remember significant items from one short paragraph. 

Half way through the 6th grade, our concern for his future became frantic.  Even though we, and others, could see his intelligence, it was so incredibly hindered by his disabilities. We knew that if the path continued on the same course, he would be unable to support himself as an adult. 

A friend told us about LearningRx.  Within two weeks, we found a LearningRx center and had him tested.  Along with verifying what we already knew, the memory testing showed he had an age equivalent of a 5.3 year old (he was 12.7 years old at the time).  This had been previously undiagnosed but resonated with both my husband and I immediately as suddenly the pieces of the puzzle came together.  


Six months of brain training later-Alex is a different young man.  He still has his quirky sense of humor, but he is more open in sharing it now.  He is far more confident and outgoing.  He interacts with children his age at school during lunchtime-something that was not happening before.  His processing speed is unbelievably fast; he even beats us at answering questions!  He now recounts entire short stories and tells them to us.  We can give him a verbal list of 5 different things to complete at home and he will blow through them in no time and com back, rattle all 5 off, and pronounce them completed. 

We cannot thank LearningRx, his trainer, Calishian, and the center director, Heather, enough.  Our son's life, and our lives, have been forever changed for the better.  Our son now has the hopeful promise of a futures as an independent young man!

                                                                             Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

                                                                                            --Jay and Lauralee


Back in March of 2016, London was struggling to keep up in class and could not work independently.  We spent so much time going over his work and re-teaching concepts to him that he was unable to understand when his teachers first introduced the material.  I felt that something just had to change!  He lacked motivation to do school and once he started, he could not remember anything he was learning even if it was one day before.  I talked with my husband and told him, "Maybe London needs a tutor."  My husband told me to call LearningRx as he had just heard a commercial on the radio driving home from work.  

Needless to say, we came in to LearningRx.  When London had his initial assessment and we sat down to go over the results, I think I cried during the whole meeting with Heather.  The test results listed all the areas that I was concerned about.  The test showed me why London was struggling so much.  It was like the understood London.  

Now, since working through the program, London's memory skills have increased dramatically and he dos not balk at doing his school work.  His confidence has increased so much and he works completely independently with his online homeschool work.  I had been so used to having to help him with everything that I experienced anxiety when I realized it was time to back away  as London's brain grew and he needed less help.  I was worried he wouldn't get his work done.  But he has surpassed my expectations in this area.  Overall, this has been a great experience and I would highly recommend learningRx to anyone.  

                                                                                            --Camille Vega

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