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Autism? Brain Training Can Be Life Changing!


When cognitive skills are stronger, it impacts the ease with which a child or adult thinks, learns, and performs mentally at school, work, and life. And while we do not diagnose or treat autism, our programs have improved the cognitive performance of clients with many diagnoses—including clients of all ages who are on the autism spectrum.

Here are a few of the many reasons LearningRx programs are particularly great for kids and adults on the spectrum. LearningRx brain training sessions are:

  • One-on-one

  • Fun

  • Challenging

  • Structured

  • Encouraging

  • Rewarding

Plus, each workout session is customized to the strengths, weaknesses, and goals of each individual student.

Our experience with kids and adults on the autism spectrum.

Over a six-year period, 857 children and adults came to LearningRx who were on the autism spectrum. We measured the cognitive skills of these clients before and after brain training. Here’s what we discovered:

  • Among clients who came to us diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, the most dramatic improvements were seen in IQ, long-term memory, broad attention, and auditory processing.

  • Long-term memory skills improved an average of 20 percentile points following LearningRx brain

The average gain in age-equivalent cognitive skill performance was 3.1 years.

Here’s what these improvements look like on a graph:

*These are the results of past clients. You may or may not achieve similar results. What are “percentiles”?

To learn more about LearningRx improvements, visit:

We call it brain training. Our clients (and their families) call it life changing. Find out if cognitive training can make life easier for you or someone you love. The first step is to call a LearningRx center near you and schedule an initial brain skills Assessment. The Assessment takes about an hour and is very reasonably priced. Even better, it will give you a world of information about cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as insights into the next best step. Call us today and get the answers you need.

If you live the Indianapolis and surrounding area, call 317-845-1999 to talk about the changes we can help make for your child on the spectrum! I would love to hear your story and get to know you and your child.

Heather Koenig

Heather Koenig, Director

LearningRx Indianapolis

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